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  • DKM plastic machine agent

    DKM is injection molding machine brand in China, which is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. DKM is the largest injection molding machine manufacturer with the greatest development potential in Taizhou. It is an injection molding machine production base integrating research and development, production, sales and service. Meanwhile, DKM looks for plastic machine agent from all over the world.

    DKM has a senior design team, the introduction of German injection molding machine leading technology, the injection molding machine mechanism and operation control for analysis and optimization, to ensure the operation of the machine reliability and life, to provide customers with perfect product solutions.

    At present, DKM can produce 130-4000T injection molding machines, and the main featured products are 5H high-speed machine and medium and large scale servo energy-saving injection molding machine. 5H high speed with high speed, high efficiency, high safety, high precision, high energy saving five characteristics, mainly used in multi-cavity high-speed thin wall products, such as: disposable food container box, ice cream box, yogurt box and so on. Servo energy-saving injection molding machine adopts high performance servo power control, driving oil pump as the power source of the whole machine, with high response, energy saving, low noise, high control precision and other characteristics, breakthrough to achieve the perfect combination of motor servo and hydraulic drive technology.

    DKM injection molding machine is widely used in food packaging industry, large logistics plastic products industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, home appliances industry, medical, daily necessities and other fields, customers throughout Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa and other regions.

    DKM has set up injection molding machine sales and service centers in Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, Nepal and other places. With the top configuration, high-end technology, super control precision, and careful energy-saving concept, DKM has been at the top of the international injection molding machine market.

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