PET preform molds QC

SINO MOULD project management system




Quality Dept./Progressing Dept.


1. Sales department contact directly with project department for all communication and technical information. We fully understand customer requirement and set up one complete record for customer history and record technical data.

2. Sales department and project department separately and clearly take each responsibility for one project, and devote all effort to achieve the whole project.

3. Place high importance in delivery time and quality.

4. Every detail point can be tracked during order flowing. SINO mark each progress by exact o’clock time and arrange every mission immediately the moment it released .For example, steel material BOM list forward to purchase department at 16:15pm, 10th, April, 2009; material purchase effect at 17:05pm, 10th, April, 2009 so as to avoid any delay or even looking up any holding up for one project with knowing reason of the time difference of each step.

5. ISO/TS 16949 quality system to control quality, improve quality and management to avoid unreasonable expense of order running.

6. Every meeting between project department and production department is arranged well for the order running and improve the quality mentality, strong execution of SINO quality standard and mould tooling standard.

7. Good technical training for stuff in all fields, at the same time SINO HOLDINGS invest special fund for R&D department engineers continuously technical invention and patent every year……