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  • SINO Packaging Mould, a large-scale mold division, belongs to SINO MOULD. It has been devoted to the research and development and manufacture of multi-cavity bottle preform moulds. A number of talents would be introduced and huge investment in research and development every year especially in those aspects: precision injection molding, precision processing, high molding speed for shorter cycle time. Thus, SINO PET Preform Mould enjoys high reputation in the world thanks to continuous innovation and improvement. Up to now, we have delivered more than 6000 sets of PET bottle preform moulds highly recognized by customers. In addition, SINOPK can also provide technical support and solutions for high-capacity PET bottle preform production line for the bottle industry.

      Stainless Steel

      Interchangeable Design & Cold Half Service

      Inter-Lock Structure

      Stainless Steel
      Certificated stainless steel material, and mold core, cavity, neck ring & lock ring will be processed by heat-treatment. And with suitable material, it will be better for producing highly precise, high stable quality PET preforms with at least 5Million shots guaranteed time.
      Interchangeable Design & Cold Half Service
      To satisfy high production capacity demand, PET preform mould are designed with interchangeable to realize weight and neck type change. And precision tooling process will ensure all inserts standard to be interchangeable enough. Besides, we could also provide Cold Half service.
      Inter-Lock Structure
      Preform moldings usually require high speed running environment. So the inter-lock structure will be easy for molds precision running to ensure that all injected preforms not off center.

    Why SINO PK Service?

    With over 20 years professional making experience of PET preform moulds, there is mature technology on multi-cavity preform injection molds: 48 cavities, 64 cavities, 72 cavities, 96 cavities, 112 cavities and 144 cavities, which ensures that our preform molds are close to bottle market requirement.
    Strong R & D System
    A good preform project development needs consider molding and blowing system together seriously. By professional analysis software and rich making experience, we could evaluate preform shape and bench rate well to avoid future mistakes. Think in future, and we honored a more thinking will be make finished preforms more competitive in market.
    Strong R & D System
    Standard mold component and brand spare parts
    Standard Mold Component And Brand Spare Parts
    Precision tooling machines ensures each inserts and mold component be in standard, it will be easy for maintenance in future. And with brand spare parts, preform users result will be better for practice.
    Hot Runner System Innovation
    Valve gate hot runner design, Germany heater parts, allowing material flowing faster, save material and make injected preforms more competitive.
    Hot Runner System Innovation
    Custom for all brands injection machine and automated system
    Custom For All Brands Injection Machine And Automated System
    SINOPK PET preform molds are adapted to all main PET injection molding machines in the market and designed to suit other automated system, such like preform pick robot and others.

    What you will get?

    SINO PK provides not only a mold, but a fine plastic PET preform injection molding solution. It’s like a complete preform molding line contained PET preform molds (Preform type ROPP, ALASKA, PCO1810, PCO1881, BPF, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, 50-150mm etc), special PET injection molding machine, other accessories such like dehumidify and dryer, auto loader, water tower, chiller and so on. Besides, we will also provide detail factory plan, gas & water& electric plan and engineer service on customer’s factory for equipment installing, parameter adjusting, and operating & maintenance operation.
  • Professional Preforms Project Comments
  • PET Preform & Jar Mold Flow Analysis
  • Preforms Shape & Bench Rate Consideration
  • PET Mold With Optimal Cooling System & Air Venting System
  • Enough Quantity Easy Wear Spare Parts
  • Systematic Drawings Documents in CD
  • SINO Preform Experience

    SINO PK produces more than 300 multi-cavity PET Preform moulds per year, ranging from 48 to 144 cavities. The technology improvement and inheritance of SINOPK for many years have made the Preform Moulds of SINOPK more durable, easier maintenance and more efficient production.