Preform Moulding

What is preform moulding? 

Preform moulding is a kind of plastic preform mouldings technology and preform mouldings solution which needs perform making machine, preform mould and plastic. Preform mouldings is used to manufacture plastic preforms. And these plastic preforms will then be made into blow molding products, such as bottles.

As blow molding products play a large role in our daily life, SINO PM, one of the greatest machines’ suppliers, also provides these kinds of preform molding technologies and preform molding solutions. SINO PM has supplied so many turnkey projects for preform moldings to different countries.

Preform moldings solution and preform moldings technology are among the main technologies range for us, we are investing so many on preform moulding solutions and preform moulding technologies’ researching and developing.

If you are interested in this kind of moulding, welcome to contact us.