Plastic Cap Molding Solution - SINOPK
Plastic Cap Molding Solution

Since 2000, SINOPK Package Mold, one division of SINO MOULD, had already delivered thousands of multi-cavities high precision plastic cap molding solution to leading molding company in Europe, North and south America, Australian, Asia and Africa. With a high attention on innovation and development, we are devoted to providing a complete fine cap and closure moulding line and intend to make it more valuable.

  • SINOPK Advanced Technology Solutions
  • Multi-cavities mineral water cap molding solution (Max. Up to 144cavities)

    Fast cycling and high speed closure molding with collapsible core design

    Flip top cap moulding solution with/without auto close system

    Cap and closure mold with inside-closing system

    Unscrewing cap and closure system

    Bump-off cap and closure solution

    Advanced Cap Molding Solutions - SINOPK

    Based on well-known manufacturing experience and continues years research &development, SINOPK attaches important eye on innovation technology and are also forced on fast cycle time optimization molding solution. In each project, SINO PEOPLE keep this in mind and take into actions. Besides, good fitting between cap and bottle is also key point. Below shows some characteristic cap and closure injection moulding projects for your reference.

    SINOPK Characteristic Cap Moulding Solutions

    Cap Moulding Solutions - SINOPK

    Mineral Water Cap Molding Solution

    Professional cap design

    Full automatic unscrewing solution for deep screw

    Multi-cavity max. 144 cavities

    Optimal cooling

    Best neck fitting with preform

    Mineral Water Cap Moulding Solution

    72-cavity Mineral Water Cap Moulding Solution

    Five Gallon Cap Molding Solution

    Steel Stavax S136

    Longer mould life with stable production

    Optimal cooling for fast production

    Suitable Machine for efficient production

    5 Gallon Cap Moulding Solution

    Multi-cavity 5 Gallon Cap Moulding Solution

    Flip Top Closure Molding Solution

    Designed with/without auto-close system

    Optimal mould design for shortest cycle time

    Suitable flip top cap making machine

    Flip Top Closure Moulding Solution

    Multi-cavity Flip Top Closure Moulding Solution

    Oil Cap Molding Project

    Optimal oil cap design for better quality

    Optimal mould design for shortest cycle time

    Keep the rigorous QC for the whole line

    Best machine for oil cap to make fast and stable production

    Oil Cap Moulding Solution

    Multi-cavity Oil Cap Moulding Solution

    Medical Capsule Closure Molding Project

    Optimal medical cap design

    Optimal mould design for best molding

    Suitable machine for efficient production

    Complete auxiliary equipment optional for the final medical caps

    Medical Capsule Closure Moulding Solution

    Multi-cavity Medical Closure Moulding Solution

    Other Related Service

    Except cap and closure injection molding service, SINOPK could also provide other related machines, such like, high speed capping machine, cap uncovering machines, cap ring cutting machines, closure closing machines, cap folding edge machines, machines and so on.

    Start Your Custom Cap and Closure High Volume Production Service

    What Do Your Prepare?

    10-20 pieces cap samples OR 3D closure drawings

    Cap Bottle mounting sample OR 3D drawings

    Tell your schedule production plan

    What SINOPK Provide?

    A complete cap and closure detail solution (Quotation, Suitable equipment choice, technical suggestion, factory layout plan....)

    Engineer service to local factory for installing and adjusting

    Fast cycle time and high volume suggestion

    High efficiency cap injection molding training

    Maintenance knowledge course

    Custom Cap and Closure Moulding Solution