DKM Plastic Machines Agent

  • DKM injection molding machine

    DKM Machinery has developed for many years in the injection molding machine industry and has a good reputation in the field of injection molding.

    Become DKM plastic machine agent, DKM will provide you with the whole process of online and offline combined service mode, so as to bring you benefits.

    Online Services: After cooperation, we will provide free edition space for agents on our company's official website to publicize your company's information and agency products

    Information (technical parameters, machine pictures, mold supports, product application field), etc.

    Offline service: our focus is to provide guarantee for your income through offline pre-sale and after-sale service. Technical support and three services: pre-sale, sale, after - sale.

    Pre-sale: provide technical consultation on plastics, machinery, molds and other knowledge to help customers reasonably choose models and auxiliary equipment according to products. Provide constructive advice to customers on machine layout, installation, mold manufacturing and selection of plastic raw materials.

    On sale: when DKM mechanical products and equipment arrive at customers, debug qualified products for customers, and explain the internal relationship between plastic machines and molds on the spot, as well as the matters needing attention, and provide customers with machine use training.

    After-sales: to provide customers with a variety of different molds with better process parameters; Solve all kinds of difficult problems in plastic process for customers; Provide reasonable suggestions for the improvement of customers' machines and molds; Train process technicians for customers.

    Adequate parts supply: we supply sufficient and reasonably priced parts and restore parts or repairs within 24 hours.

    Quick response parts replacement service: rapid order processing, commitment to 24 hours service response system, to ensure that customer problems can be solved in time, the first time to provide services to customers.

    Join as DKM plastic machine agents, sales of various injection molding machines, access to high sales revenue, welcome to contact us~