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    SINOPK PET Preform Mould, a division of Sino Mould - one of the best known packing mould suppliers, has been making packing mould for more than 20 years, such as different kinds of PET preform mould, cap mould, blowing bottle mould and others. So SINOPK could offer the complete PET preform mold production line.


    It’s not only the mould and injection machine for PET Preform Molding, but the best one for you by analyzing what you want for the preform projects. Which would include but not limited in air tank, drying system, auto-loader system, freezer system, wet damping system, Color Masterbatch machine.


    1. Plastic injection machine

    We have special plastic injection machine for PET material.


    2. Auxiliary equipment for PET preforms mould

    a. Dryer: PET material should be dry before production.

    b. Auto-loader: auto-loader should be set in a certain time to control the material quality and reach a certain dry effect. In this way, it is also can save material cost.

    c. Freezer: freezer will offer certain pressure cooling water.

    d. Wet damping system, Color Masterbatch machine.


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