SINO 48 Cavities PET Preform Production Line

  • SINO 48 Cavities PET Preform Production Line

    SINO company has been committed to the preform industry for 20 years and has a rich turnkey projects experience. We can provide customers with 4-144 cavities PET preform production line.

    The following mainly introduces our 48- cavities PET preform production line.

    Mould-48 cavities

    The mold is independently developed by our R&D team. The mold is arranged in 12*4. The core and cavity steel steel is stainless S136, made in ASSAB, tempered with HRC40-44. And mold base steel is P20, with HRC28-31.

    The mold with anole fully valve gate hot runner and temperature controller, Anole is our own brand, with Germany heating system and stable heating.

    The cooling system of the mold is also extremely important to shorten the molding cycle, so our company has developed a water line design that is most conducive to cooling the core cavity and the product, and keeps the temperature of the water line balanced.

    We also will send customers additional 6 sets of core and cavity inserts and some other vulnerable parts.

    Machine- DKM350PET II series injection molding machine

    The machine is specially designed for PET preform, with PET special screw, has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, high stability and high energy saving.

    DKM350PET II series have larger injection capacity can meet the requirements of PET injection pressure. Generally, PET preform molds do not require higher clamping force, but require larger machine injection pressure.

    Auxiliary equipment

    We also provide customers with three-in-one, chillers, air compressors and other equipment to meet customer needs.


    The cycle of the whole production line is 10s, and the output per hour is about 17000pcs, which greatly meets the output requirements of customers.

    Moreover, our company has a short delivery time for the production line, and can deliver the complete production line to the customer within three months for production, which greatly saves the customer's time and cost.