Excellent Disposable Syringe Mould Solution

  • Disposable Syringe Mould Solution

    Precision disposable syringe moulds have been delivered to help customers make efficient syringes production. So if you are looking for nice plastic syringe injection mould solution, welcome to check here to find why choose us.


    1. 25+ Years Experiences

    SinoMould has been manufacturing and exporting disposable syringe moulds for more than 25 years, which leaves a great deal of experience on making plastic syringe moulds satisfying customers.


    2. Knows Well Your Demand

    On the one hand, we know the basic technical points for how to make good plastic syringe moulds, on the other hand, our sales engineers would communicate with you to find the detail requirement to help to provide the best mould solution for yours.

    Such as:

    - The disposable syringe type you’d like to make at firstly.

    - The material that you would like to use for syringes production.

    - Expected disposable syringe production capacity for each model.


    3. Expert Design Teams

    After learning your demand of the syringes and their production, our professional design team would offer the superior syringe design and the corresponding mould design, make your idea to a real.


    4. Rigorous Mould Tooling

    Based on the outstating mould design, we control well on mould tooling by precision mould tooling equipment and skilled operators and rigorous QC. From that, we could ensure the best disposable syringe moulds to be delivered.


    5. Timely Service

    Except the excellent syringe moulds, the quick response and comprehensive service make SinoMould different. So you are worry-free when considering the after-sale service and mould running troubles, there are always engineers stand by for you.


    Get your excellent disposable syringe mould solution or other medical mould solution now, kindly contact us, we will give quick reply.