PET Preform Molding Production Line Matching

  • PET Preform Molding Production Line

    Last year, Dakumar have turkey 105sets PET preform production lines, they are shipped to India, Mexico, Algeria …..


    Today let us talk about Pet preform molding production line matching.


    Sino Mould: Pet preform multi-cavities mould is SINO main project. We have experienced mould designers, using precise processing equipment and good steel to ensure the quality of the mold. 

    Blowing mould is also necessary, it is a mold to blow the preform into a certain shape bottle.

    Dakumar injection molding machine: There are two choices: Pet Injection molding machine I series is relatively economical and suitable for few-cavities molds.

    Pet preform injection molding machine II series is higher efficiency and suitable for multi-cavities moulds.

    Dakumar blowing molding machine: Our SN-A series full-automatic can be used one to six cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 0.1L and 10L. It has high quality and low cost.

    Auxiliary machine::SD Dehumidifiying, Drying and Feeding Unit(Three in one),

    Because PET plastic has high hygroscopic, Three in one is the best choice, which can be easily moving and guarantee temperature to improve drying effiency. And also have other auxiliary equipment…

    DKM PET Preform production line service

    Turnkey service is our characteristic advantage: Before-sale, on-sale and after sale, and we are 24 hours online service.

    We can help you to build a factory from 0 to 100.

    DKM has established various country service center and agency in Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Jordan and so on.


    If you want to know more details about PET preform production line, contact us.