SINO PET Preform Molding Production Lines

  • PET preforms

    SINO PET preform molding production lines, provide high speed automatic injection molding system for PET bottle packaging industry, including different standards from 4 cavities to 72 cavities PET preform molding production lines.

    SINO has strength of technology, independent research and development of 72 cavities PET preform mold. 72 cavities PET preform mold can be produced in DKM650 PET injection molding machine, cycle time can reach 15s.

    SINO PET preform molds adopt hot runner valve gate, has the characteristics of high production efficiency, excellent product performance, stable production and high mold precision. Greatly save production efficiency, improve supply capacity, increase profits for customers. The temperature of mold waterway is balanced, the temperature of hot runner is accurate. PET preforms produced by SINO PET preform production lines is conforming to international standards.

    PET preform injection molding machines

    SINO subsidiary-DKM has developed a special injection molding machine for PET preforms production, with features of high speed, high efficiency, high stability and high energy saving.

    1. PET special screw and barrel.

    2. Bigger injection capacity can meet the requirements of PET injection pressure. In general, PET preform mold doesn't need high clamping force, but needs a large injection weight.

    3. Servo system to support high injection weight.

    4. Hydraulic motor can provide greater torque for the machine to meet the particularity of PET material.

    5. Oil pump, servo motor and servo driver, reasonably control cycle time.

    SINO one stop turnkey solution service, not only provide an injection molding machine and a plastic mold, but also provide layout of plant, water and electrical layout and installation, matching of auxiliary machines.

    If you have any requirements for PET preform production, welcome to contact us! SINO PET preform molding production line will support on your PET preform projects and give you a qualified and satisfied production line.