Plastic Machine Agent

  • DKM machine agent

    Do you have any injection molding experience? Do you have any interests in being a plastic machine agent? If you want to be a plastic machine agent, DKM is your best choice, will provide pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales services. And let me introduce them in detail.

    Pre-sales service

    DKM provides pre-sales service to DKM plastic machine agent, such as machine website design, advertising support, local injection molding exhibition support. If you want to attend the exhibition in your local place, we will offer you exhibition layout design, injection molding machines, plastic molds exhibits based on a detailed survey of the market.

    Mid-sales service

    As we all know machine delivery time is very important, usually it will take more than 60 days. But DKM always has set up a safety stock, so the delivery time has been greatly shortened. The delivery time will be shipped within 2 weeks after payment. And being our plastic machine agent, machines will be priority in delivery. For your most popular machine model, for example, 130T injection molding machine, we can send more quantities injection molding machines to your warehouse, and you can send machine to customer who ordered immediately, and help customer save transportation time and start production within 1 week.

    After-sales service

    DKM injection molding machine after-sales service is whole life, any problems you can contact me or contact any person in DKM. Please send me machine name plate, machine problem description and some pictures or videos, we will help you analyze the machine problem and offer you a fine solution with 48 hours. By the way, the machine warranty time is 18 month, during this period, any damage without human cause reasons, we will send you the machine spare parts and bear all the freight cost.

    Above is our support for DKM plastic machine agent, if you have any interests, welcome to contact us~