SINO PET Bottle Blowing Production Line

  • SINO PET Bottle Blowing Production Line

    Sino can provide customers with a complete bottle production line, from PET preform production line to blowing to filling to packaging. This article mainly discusses our company's bottle blowing production line project.

    Bottle blowing is to blow the produced preform embryos into bottles. A complete bottle blowing production line needs the bottle blowing machine,the bottle blowing mould and auxiliary equipment(includes high-pressure air compressor, low-pressure air compressor, dryer, chiller, air tank, filter)

    Sino has many years of experience in bottle blowing production lines. Now it has developed two series: SN-B series liner high-speed automatic bottle blowing machine and SN two-step semi-automatic bottle blowing machine.

    The two series have their own advantages. The SN-B series is operated by a manipulator, which eliminates the need for manual bottle placement, greatly improves the production rate, and has the advantages of accurate positioning, low noise, energy saving and fast speed, but at the same time the price is higher than the semi-automatic, suitable for bottle manufacturers with large output and long-term production. The SN series is semi-automatic, which requires manual placement of preforms. It has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., and it is 

    affordable and economical. It is suitable for manufacturers of general scale.

    Sino's auxiliary machines are researched and developed by themselves and also come from suppliers, and are also well-known domestic brands. Choosing a good auxiliary machine is also a necessary condition to help the production line run smoothly. It is more important in the PET production line. Our auxiliary machine has low noise. Safety, precise temperature control, saving time and manpower, convenient operation, etc.

    How to choose the right bottle blowing production line?

    Generally speaking, customers need to tell us your bottle size, shape, caliber, bottle weight, etc., what the bottle contains, and how much output per hour. Sino will help you select a suitable production line based on the information provided by the customer.

    Choose Sino,which can provide production line of PET preforms, blowing and filling, Sino will offer customers reasonable solutions and high-quality services to help customers save time and money costs and realize value!