SINO PET Preform Molding Production Lines

SINO PET preform molding production lines, provide high speed automatic injection molding system for PET bottle packaging industry, including different standards from 4 cavities to 72 cavities PET preform molding production lines.SINO has strength of technology, independent research and development of 72 ...



DKM PET Preform Molding Production Line

DKM offers PET preform molding production lines for customers from all over the world. With high quality and short delivery time, DKM is a good partner to work with. The followings are the advantages of DKM PET preform molding production lines. One-stop solutionDKM offers equipment for a whole PET pr...



Pet Preform Molding Production Lines

DKM is specialized in injection molding production lines. PET preform molding production line is one of the most important production lines. And here please allow me to introduce DKM PET preform molding production line.-PET preform mouldsWith over 20 years' research and development, we are n...



Some Issues about PET Preform Injection Molding​

Some issues about PET preform injection molding1. Plastic materialBecause PET plastic material has strong moisture absorption, the material must be dried before processing, and the drying temperature is 150°C for 4 hours or more; generally 170°C for 3-4 hours. The air shot method can be used to check whet...