PET Preform Mold Expert

SINO Packaging Mould, a large-scale mold division, belongs to SINO MOULD. It has been devoted to the research and development and manufacture of multi-cavity bottle preform moulds. A number of talents would be introduced and huge investment in research and development every year especially in those aspect...



PET Preform Tooling And Service

SINOPK, a division of Sino Mould, is engaged in offering efficient PET preform mould solutions thanks to its experience and expertise in PET preform production more than 20 years. The PET preform moulds are designed for increasing production capacity and quality, and it's all about helping the custome...



5 Tips for Good 5 Gallon Water Bottle Cap Mould

To help people planning to start 5 gallon bottle cap business to know well how to choose a good mould, there are 5 tips offered by experienced SINOPK - has delivered hundreds of high performance 5 gallon water bottle cap moulds. With a sharp focus on the specific needs of the 5 gallon bottle cap industry,...



Efficient Packaging Mould Solutions

Need to lower your packaging molding cost?We have the efficient and profitable packaging mould solutions for that. How are the nice solutions for plastic packaging injection moulds?Well, there will be a list of some factors which we shall consider comprehensively to bring outstanding packaging moulds...


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