PET Preform Molding Production Line Matching

Last year, Dakumar have turkey 105sets PET preform production lines, they are shipped to India, Mexico, Algeria ….. Today let us talk about Pet preform molding production line matching. Sino Mould: Pet preform multi-cavities mould is SINO main project. We have experienced mould designers, using ...



Excellent Disposable Syringe Mould Solution

Precision disposable syringe moulds have been delivered to help customers make efficient syringes production. So if you are looking for nice plastic syringe injection mould solution, welcome to check here to find why choose us. 1. 25+ Years ExperiencesSinoMould has been manufacturing and exporting di...



Expert 5 Gallon Water Cap Mold Solution

Maximize your 5 gallon water caps output - superior closure solutions for efficient 5 gallon water cap molds offered by SINOPK that has done a huge of different caps and closures projects, a division of Sino Mould, are here for you! You will get the excellent 5 gallon water cap mold with full support from...



Preform Solution

PET bottle is more and more useful in nowadays, so a good preform blowing a good bottle is very important. However, how to identify a good preform, that is a big question. Sino Mould is a professional mould manufacturer in the Southeast of China with nearly 25 years experiences. We can offer you the good ...